Devil’s Due Demon Baby Prank

The soon to be released demon seed themed horror film ‘Devil’s Due’ has been literally jumping off the screen recently. As the creators have been scaring passers-by in New York with an animatronic demon baby.


The prank started off quite simple; a baby’s carriage was left unattended in a busy street. After a while an unsuspecting person would walk over to investigate and be greeted by a demon child jumping up in its pram, the reactions from some of the people are quite amusing. However it is what happens later in the video which makes this prank special.

Not only does the baby jump up, but the pram is remote-controlled and it begins to shoot off down the busy streets; knocking over signs and stalls as it goes. On top of all that the child starts spewing fake vomit from its mouth and raising its middle finger to the police. The video is underneath, give it a watch as I’m sure you will get a laugh out of it.

Devil’s Due centres around a couple who are thrilled when they find out that a baby is on the way when they return from their honeymoon. That is until certain things start to go a bit pear-shaped, and it seems as though the wife is getting ready to give birth to a demon. It looks as though the creators might be trying to create an up to date Rosemary’s Baby film, even though the Rosemary’s Baby TV show is in the works. The film doesn’t look too bad though, check out the trailer underneath.

Devil’s Due is released January 17th 2014

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