Shocking Saturday: Troll Hunter

The week’s Shocking Saturday is not really a shocking film all round, and some would probably class it more as fantasy than horror, however I though that the plot was rather original and that it showed off the incredible special effects which made Cloverfield Spectacular.


The film centres around a Norwegian college camera crew who are following a story of a hunter who is killing bears all over the country. After they finally track him down, and he allows them to experience first hand what he is actually doing, they realise that he is hunting something much larger, and much more mythological…trolls. However he is not the villain in all of this as he explains that is not his choice to kill them, it is just the orders which he has been given; to ensure the public don’t find out about them. The crew begin to capture everything they can on film so that they can show it to the world, however with the Wildlife Board on their tail at every turn and trying not to get eaten by trolls, that becomes quite a hard task.

As I said before, what was great about this found-footage film was how they put the trolls on to the screen. Instead of using cheap thrills like in Paranormal Activity, the film makers actually had to create the trolls using CGI; just as the monster was created Cloverfield. Although I do really love hand-held camera films that barely show you anything and let your imagination take control of your fears, with Troll Hunter you just need to let the film and the fun take control; don’t worry about the effects being amazing, because it is the ride of the story that you are on that you’ll enjoy the most.

The film is quite clever really as it mixes together some fresh ideas of trolls and some from ancient folklore. We get the facts which everyone knows; trolls turn to stone when exposed to sunlight and live under bridges. However the story also portrays the trolls as endangered animals themselves and has them being inspected by veterinarians; they are not made to come across as monsters as we were once led to believe but just dangerous creatures like lions or bears.

Troll Hunter takes its audience on a journey across the Norwegian landscape, and offers an original story line, some dedicated acting mixed in with a bit of light humour.

Not amazing but definitely enjoyable.

Tag Line: You’ll Believe It When You See It!

Horror Rating: (:-O) (:-O)

Star Rating: ☆ ☆ ☆

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