The Last of Us Film

Any gaming and horror fans out there will most likely have heard about, seen or played the 2013 infectious – literally – survival video game ‘The Last of Us’.


Right from the mournful beginning to the unexpected end, the game kept players gripped to their screens as they attempted to survive in a world that has been overrun with an infection which turns people into killing machines. The Last of Us offered a lot more than just going around and shooting zombies though, it made the player use skills such as stealth to try to get past, but generally kill, the infected; and on occasions humans. You got to play as Joel – voiced by Troy Baker – whose main goal was protecting Ellie – voiced by Ashley Johnson – a 14 girl who just might be the answer to curing the disease. However as we know with these games, it is never going to be a walk in the park.

Well fans out there will be pleased to hear that plans have been set in motion to create a The Last of Us film. I for one am very excited about this because I think, if they stick to the storyline, it could offer something completely different to what has been seen in the zombie genre in the past years. Although I do love zombie films, at the moment they have been done to death, and are getting slightly repetitive.

Not much is known as of yet about the motion-picture, only that the game’s creative director Neil Druckmann will be writing the script, Screen Gems will be distributing it and the great Sam Raimi (director of the Evil Dead trilogy) is attached to the project.

With The Walking Dead taking the undead reins on TV, we need them to be taken once more for film.

Rob Zombie Working on Charles Manson Series

All you horror fans out there might have heard recently that Rob Zombie will be making his return to the horror genre very soon, with an – at the moment – unnamed film. To me this was quite an odd statement to make, mainly because I never thought he had left the genre; as his film ‘The Lords of Salem’ only came out two years ago. That being said the director has the horror fan-base in quite a stir for what he has in store for us next.

Zombie’s directorial career has had some incredible highs, but also a few lows. His début 2003 film ‘The House of 1000 Corpses’, and its sequel ‘ The Devil’s Rejects’ were definitely the high points; they were so enjoyable and grotesque at the same time. However his remakes of the first two ‘Halloween’ films were not so great, it wasn’t that they were bad horror films it was that he added so much and also took so much away, that they were nothing like the originals. He really didn’t do justice to John Carpenter’s masterpiece’s.

But enough of the past talk though, here is the new big news. Although we don’t know what film Zombie will be working on next, we do know that he is working on a TV series about one of the most notorious serial killers of all time – Charles Manson. The other big news is that he is going to be working on the series with the author of ‘American Psycho’ – the book about a man who works on wall street and in his spare time murders, mutilates, tortures and sometimes devours his friends and colleagues – ‘Bret Easton Ellis’.


At the moment not much is known about the show, only that it will follow Manson and his gang as they committed some of the most violent crimes in history. It is said that the viewpoints will change, so it is likely that we will see the point-of-view of the victims at some stages as well. It will be interesting to see how this horror pair show what they want in the series, but at the same time show sympathy towards the people who were killed; one being Sharon Tate, the actress and pregnant wife of acclaimed director Roman Polanski.

It sounds like it will be a great return for Rob Zombie.

Goosebumps Feature Film

We all remember scaring ourselves when we were younger don’t we; you’d stay up past your bed time under the covers, and with the help of a torch you would scare yourself silly by reading a Goosebumps novel.


I’m not going to talk too much more about the books because I have already done a post on them. However there is some great news for horror fans out there; you may have already heard that there is a Goosebumps movie in the works, but only recently has the news been broken that actor/musician Jack Black will be portraying the lead role for the film. This gets me really excited. To me the Goosebumps books were never just straight up horror, they had a certain colourfully-kooky quality to them, and I think Black will fit right in to that theme.

The plot for the untitled film will not come straight from one of R. L. Stine’s books, it is going to be based around a writer called Mr. Shivers who writes the same types of books as Stine; his creations are literally going to leap off the pages as they reap havoc and he has to hide from them. Can’t you just see it now, Jack Black playing a wacky horror author who must battle against his own marvellous monsters.


The story is not going to focus on one monster from the Goosebumps books, but rather a whole handful of those creepy creatures which are getting set to scare Black Senseless.

The fact that it is going to be a bunch of Stine’s best creations has got me more excited.

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (Trailer)

The news of a From Dusk Till Dawn TV series was broken some time ago, and had fans mystified by what the show would contain. Well now we have a trailer which appears to let out a few details of what the story will entail throughout the short mini-series.


We already knew that the plot was going to follow the same story line as in the 1996 film – the Gekko brothers are on the run from the law and on their way to Mexico to meet their partner, they kidnap a family from a motel and then end up fighting off vampires in the Titty Twister bar until dawn. However from the trailer it appears that the creators are going to look more in-depth at the characters in the story, and also look at the back story of what happened to the Gecko brothers before they were on the lam.

I have read many opinions from fans about their thoughts on the show, some were for it, and some thought that it was just another way for Hollywood to make money. From the trailer the series does look like it may do the original film justice, however, when I watch it what is always going to be in the back of my mind is that; it was not written by Quentin Tarantino, it does not star Juliette Lewis, Harvey Keitel or Michael Parks and most importantly it does not star George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino as the ruthless Gecko brothers. But the series has been directed by Robert Rodriguez who directed the film, so maybe I’m speaking too soon in saying that it will not live up to expectations.

Devil’s Due Demon Baby Prank

The soon to be released demon seed themed horror film ‘Devil’s Due’ has been literally jumping off the screen recently. As the creators have been scaring passers-by in New York with an animatronic demon baby.


The prank started off quite simple; a baby’s carriage was left unattended in a busy street. After a while an unsuspecting person would walk over to investigate and be greeted by a demon child jumping up in its pram, the reactions from some of the people are quite amusing. However it is what happens later in the video which makes this prank special.

Not only does the baby jump up, but the pram is remote-controlled and it begins to shoot off down the busy streets; knocking over signs and stalls as it goes. On top of all that the child starts spewing fake vomit from its mouth and raising its middle finger to the police. The video is underneath, give it a watch as I’m sure you will get a laugh out of it.

Devil’s Due centres around a couple who are thrilled when they find out that a baby is on the way when they return from their honeymoon. That is until certain things start to go a bit pear-shaped, and it seems as though the wife is getting ready to give birth to a demon. It looks as though the creators might be trying to create an up to date Rosemary’s Baby film, even though the Rosemary’s Baby TV show is in the works. The film doesn’t look too bad though, check out the trailer underneath.

Devil’s Due is released January 17th 2014

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The Amityville Horror Remake

One of the most terrifying true crime stories is getting remade once again. In 1974 Ronald DeFeo Jr. shot his six family members in their beds whilst they were sleeping. Upon being questioned by the police he revealed that the devil had told him to commit the terrible murders. In 1975 the Lutz family moved into the house, but after 28 days fled claiming that they had been terrorized by the paranormal. What a great event for a horror film, and that is why so many films have since spawned from it. But the two which most people remember are the original in 1979, and the remake of it in 2005 which starred Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George. In my opinion, both were great.

Now Hollywood feel that it is time for another remake. Originally named The Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes – primarily using a found footage take on the story – and set for an early 2014 release, that has now changed. It is now being released in 2015 and the title has been cut down to just Amityville. Not much is known about the film at the moment, but due to the creators scraping their hand-held camera theme, it is apparent that they do not know what they want to do with it. It may just end up being another remake of the original. Only time will tell.

Estimated Release: 2nd January 2015


Dead Snow: Red vs Dead

Any fans of the zombie genre will most likely have seen the 2009 Norwegian horror ‘Dead Snow’. The film was centred around the legend that at the end of the second world war, on realising their impending doom, Nazis in Oksfjord, Norway looted the entire town; but were driven to the freezing mountains by villagers. Where they were believed to have perished. Unfortunately for 7 medical students staying in a remote cabin near the location, the Nazis never wanted to give up their treasure. So after the group find a box of valuables they think it is a time for celebration, that is until Nazi zombies begin to rise from the grave and attack the group. Although the film wasn’t spectacular, it was still very enjoyable and brought a different twist to the genre. It has since become a cult favourite, so fans should be excited to hear that there is a sequel on the way, ‘Dead Snow: Red vs Dead’.

The sequel is going to carry on from where the first film left off, with the sole survivor of the zombie horde’s attack. He will once again be battling against the undead in an attempt to survive, but this time he will be assisted by a zombie killing squad. Let’s hope it is just as bloody gory as the first. The trailer for Dead Snow: Red vs Dead is below.

Estimated Release: 14th February 2014


Rosemary’s Baby TV Show

These days Hollywood seems to all be about taking horror films and turning them into a television series. Recently there has been TV series’ made from: From Dusk ’till Dawn, Psycho (Bates Motel) and Silence of the Lambs (Hannibal). Now another is getting remade into a mini-series. The Roman Polanski directed 1968 classic horror Rosemary’s Baby; which once terrified audiences is being rebooted in the hope that it will terrify once again. At the helm of the pregnant protagonist, who is paranoid that a satanic cult is attacking her, is actress Zoe Saldana (Avatar/Star Trek/The Losers); she is taking over the role from Mia Farrow who portrayed Rosemary in the original. At the moment it seems as though – like with the From Dusk ’till Dawn series – it will just play out an extended version of the film.

Estimated Release: 2014


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Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones/Paranormal Activity 5

We all know about the ‘Paranormal Activity’ franchise, it started off so well with ‘Paranormal Activity’ in 2007, although not much really happened; the suspense and your own imagination created your worst nightmare in the form of the antagonist. The low-budget, Oren Peli directed flick, mirrored ‘The Blair Witch Project’ in so many ways, and added some originality to horror and launched the found-footage genre back in to the mainstream. So it was a real shame when the creators jumped on the money band wagon and instead of thinking out how they would create sequels to the films, they rushed in to them. Resulting in another two films which more or less just used the same aspects of the first but put them in a different order – although to be fair they do both have their moments, there just weren’t enough of them. The fourth film in series was just terrible, I can safely say the most horror fans would agree that sitting through it was a mission, and the story never amounted to anything. After the fourth you would assume that the franchise would be put to rest, nope here comes a fifth film, this one is called ‘Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones’. Rather than using the story line which carried the first four films, this is a sort of spin-off and instead of an American family, the demon is this time centred around a Latino cast. The creators are staying tight-lipped about the plot at the moment, apart from the main character being marked by the demon cult. However from the trailer it does looks as though they have finally attempted to do something different with the story line.

Estimated Release: 1st January 2014


It doesn’t stop there though, along with this spin-off, Gregory Plotkin – the editor of all the other instalments – is directing another, so the sixth film in the franchise. It is being called ‘Paranormal Activity 5’, and is going to feature ‘Katie’ – played by Katie Featherson – who has featured in all the previous films. That is all that is known about the sixth film at the moment.

Estimated Release: 24th October 2014

Jeepers Creepers: Cathedral

‘Jeepers Creepers’ has become a favourite for cult horror fans since its release in 2001; its original plot, unnerving violent scenes and the horrifying yet oddly comedic antagonist created an incredibly enjoyable horror film. ‘Jeepers Creepers 2’ was released in 2003, although it did not create the same creepiness which the first offered, it was still a great little horror flick which related back to the first film well, and definitely set up for a third film. Well now after 10 years it seems the wait is over, as it has been announced that ‘ Jeepers Creepers: Cathedral’ is in production. I’m sure many horror fans will be happy to see the ‘Creeper’ back on the screen, slaughtering for his food for 23 days once again. Victor Slava is back in the directing chair for his third helping, at the moment the story line seems to be based 23 years after the first film. ‘Trish’ – from the first film – is living with her son ‘Darry’ who she has named after her brother who was killed by the creeper 23 years ago. She has a recurring dream where her son suffers the same fate as her brother. So she sets out to kill the ‘Creeper’ once and for all with ‘Jack Taggart Sr.’ from the second film.

Estimated Release: Not Yet Known


From Dusk Till’ Dawn: TV Series

Another cult classic film here. In 1996 the ‘Robert Rodriguez’ directed and ‘Quentin Tarantino’ written film ‘From Dusk Till’ Dawn’ was released – and it was spectacular. As these are two of my favourite directors this film gives me everything I want. The first half is full of dialogue-driven scenes and ‘Tarantino’ style settings, along with his classic acting choices, including: Harvey Keitel, Juliette Lewis and Michael Parks. Then the second half is a no-holds-barred ‘Rodriguez’ style film, with over-the-top gore, incredible make-up effects on the murderous vampires and ‘Rodriguez’s’ own classic actor choice – Danny Trejo. There have since been two sequels which were both produced by ‘Tarantino’ and ‘Rodriguez’.

Now a Television show is being created called ‘From Dusk Till’ Dawn: The Series’ which includes all of the same characters – but not the same actors – and appears to follow the same plot line as the first film, but it will be spread out through the episodes and will go in to more detail as the ‘Gecko Brothers’ and the ‘Fuller’ family drive down to the ‘Titty Twister’ bar. Let’s hope that it delivers the same thrills as the first film did.

Estimated Release: 2014 –