Horror News

News of upcoming events, films, TV programmes and other things in the horror genre.

Ash vs. The Evil Dead TV Show‘ The grooviest B-movie star is reprising his role as Ash Williams for a TV series.

Special Bulletin! News pieces on three new films: Beyond Skyline, Dracula: Untold and Annabelle.

Special Bulletin! Information on two franchises that have an upcoming third film, I Spit On Your Grave and V/H/S.

REC 4: Apocalypse Trailer‘ Part 4 of the horror franchise finally gets a trailer.

The Green Inferno TrailerEli Roth’s new cannibal film gets its first trailer.

The Grudge Reboot‘ Sam Raimi has been attached to the re-ignition of The Grudge franchise.

The Last of Us Film‘ The world famous survival video game is getting adapted for the silver screen.

Rob Zombie Working on Charles Manson Series‘ Rob Zombie is collaborating with author Bret Easton Ellis on a TV series based on the exploits of Charles Manson.

Goosebumps Feature Film‘ Some information on the upcoming Goosebumps movie.

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (Trailer)‘ The trailer for the upcoming From Dusk Till Dawn TV series has been released.

Devil’s Due Demon Baby Prank‘ The crew behind the horror film Devil’s Due set up a little prank for the people of New York.

Special Bulletin! The Amityville Horror Remake, Dead Snow: Red vs Dead and Rosemary’s Baby TV series.

Special Bulletin! Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, Paranormal Activity 5, Jeepers Creepers: Cathedral and From Dusk Till’ Dawn: The Series.

Special Bulletin! Hellraiser Reboot, Army of Darkness and the Monster Cinematic Universe.

Empire of the Dead‘ An update about the next project by George A. Romero.

Friday the 13th New Film Update‘ A bit of information on the ideas for the next film in the Jason Voorhees franchise.

The Walking Dead renewed for 5th season‘ Information on the reason for the TV show being renewed.

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