Shocking Saturday: Resident Evil: Retribution

The action-packed fifth edition to the video-game-themed Resident Evil film franchise sees protagonist Alice face off against, not only new enemies, but also old friends.


Resident Evil: Retribution begins straight after where the previous film – Resident Evil: Afterlife – left off, with Alice (Milla Jovovich) and a group of survivors being attacked on the Arcadia ship. Alice has been captured by the Umbrella Corporation – who for some reason still want to conduct tests with the virus – who were led by the still brain-washed Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory); and is interrogated by them until a computer malfunction allows her to escape. It turns out that the previously villainous character Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts) is now against Umbrella and needs Alice’s help to win the war against the undead in the outside world. So with the help of ex-Umbrella agent Ada Wong (Li Bingbing) Alice begins to make her way out of the Umbrella structure, on the way meeting up with an extraction team who have planted charges to destroy the base of operations. But this is a Resident Evil film, so obviously getting out is not going to be a walk in the park. The heroes go up against hoards of undead, giant Axemen, giant Uber-Lickers and trained Umbrella agents. This film basically gives everything from the previous films and adds more. Do not go thinking that this is just a typical Resident Evil film though, as there is a significant plot point which changes the entire idea of the franchise, quite a clever one actually. This twist makes it more imperative for Alice to destroy the Umbrella Corporation once and for all.

All of the previous films in the franchise have offered something slightly different. Resident Evil (2002), although loosely based on the video-games, was more of a straight up zombie-horror film, Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004) carried on in sort of the same story line; as it was based in the undead over-run Raccoon City. However at the end of this sequel supernatural elements were added in. The lowest point in the franchise – in my opinion – was the third film Resident Evil: Extinction (2007). Although it explained more about the Umbrella Corporation and linked in better with the games. It just didn’t grip like the previous films. Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010) brought the enjoyment back by adding in more elements of the video-games and by adding exceptional action/fighting sequences. Resident Evil: Retribution took the same route and added an original plot twist.

Director Paul W. S. Anderson basically took what it was from the previous films that the audience enjoyed and then put it all together: rabid zombies, mutated monsters, action-packed fight sequences and returning characters from the other movies. Including: Rain (Michelle Rodriguez), Carlos Olivera (Oded Fehr), Luther West (Boris Kudjoe) and James ‘One’ Shade (Colin Salmon). Unfortunately for Alice not all of her allies remember their friendship.

Milla Jovovich once again brings her great portrayal of Alice to the screen; it can be said that there is some shoddy acting in the film, but thanks to Jovovich’s role the movie stays together. With every addition to the series there are more and more aspects of the games being added, so hopefully the creators have learnt that this needs to continue with the sixth installment which is currently in the works.

There is always a chance with a horror series that spans five movies that the enjoyment can begin to fizzle out, and although it began to in the middle, it has definitely got its buzz back.

Not the best edition to the franchise, but certainly a great one.

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Shocking Saturday: The Fourth Kind

Most people have that one film which hits all your nerve endings and sends more shivers down your spine than anything else you have seen before or since. For me that film is the sci-fi/horror/documentary alien abduction themed film, The Fourth Kind.


The film opens with an interview from the director of the film – Olatunde Osunsanmi – and the real Dr. Abigail Emily Tyler, who the film is based upon. As we proceed further we learn that Dr. Tyler’s husband was murdered a few months earlier, and she has decided to carry on his work. Which unfortunately consists of interviewing various town’s people from Nome, Alaska. They have all been suffering the same night terrors. Every night they will wake up and see an owl starring through the window at them, however after she puts them under hypnosis it becomes clear that it is not in fact an owl but something much more sinister. As Dr. Tyler gets deeper into what is happening in this isolated town, she begins to think that she is also connected, and that herself and her children are in danger. Not from who, but from what.

The film brings an amazing way of telling the story to the screen. Although most of it is made up of actors playing out the events that happened – with the talented Milla Jovovich as the lead protagonist – part of the film plays the archive (supposedly real) footage that Dr. Tyler collected while she was conducting her investigation right alongside the actors interpretation. This way of showing the story keeps you gripped as your eyes begin to dart back and forth between the two screens. What is included in these videos is quite disturbing at times – depending on what you believe, and will leave you thinking that you aren’t even safe in your own room, no matter where you live.

Of all the things in the horror genre which have been created to scare and shock its audiences, the one for me is definitely aliens. Give me slashers, blood, guts and make-up so realistic that you think you’re watching a snuff film any day. But as soon as you throw aliens in to the equation my arm hair will be standing straight up. What it is that gives me that feeling is that it’s a look in to the unknown, we don’t really know what is out there and what they are capable of doing. Humans may have searched parts of space and supposedly found no hard evidence as of yet – and I’m not saying that aliens have even visited Earth – but to say that we are the only life in the whole universe, with all of the galaxies and solar systems out there is quite an ignorant statement in my opinion. We have barely scraped the surface of space so we can’t debunk the theory that we are not alone.

With this film audiences can go either way, as I think it all depends on how open-minded the viewer is. There is always the possibility with films like this, that attempt to prove the footage is real, that they are complete hoaxes. If that is the case with The Fourth Kind then it is one of the best found-footage films I have ever seen, and if is not the case then I really don’t feel safe on Earth any more.

In the end what you believe is down to you.


First Kind – Sighting
Second Kind – Evidence
Third Kind – Contact
Fourth Kind – Abduction

Tag Line: There Are Four Kinds Of Alien Encounters. The Fourth Kind Is Abduction.

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