The Birds Remake

Another day, another silver-screen classic gets a remake.

Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 film The Birds is such an iconic movie for thriller and general film lovers alike. What an enjoyment it was to watch Tippi Hedren, Rod Taylor and the people of Bodega Bay suddenly be attacked by flocks of birds. But it wasn’t just these attack scenes that made the film sensational, it Hitchcock’s classic touch of suspense and realism in the scenes that kept you gripped and watching the story – which was an adaptation of a Daphne Du Maurier novel.


As you have probably guessed by now, this incredible film is receiving the remake treatment; and it is not just in talks, the production is in full swing with Platinum Dunes. Naomi Watts has been said to be taking the lead role with Dutch director Dierderik Van Rooijin at the helm, and Transformers director Michael Bay is in the role of producer.

Although I do think Naomi Watts could bring a great portrayal to the role of Melanie Daniels, it is hard to imagine how Van Rooijen and Bay expect to create the same edge-of-your-seat feeling that the original delivered – Bay probably hasn’t been told yet that the plot includes no explosions, car crashes, drug busts or shoot-outs.

If the remake of Hitchcock’s Psycho in 1998 is anything to go by, then the soon to be remake of The Birds will surely fail to dazzle.

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The Amityville Horror Remake

One of the most terrifying true crime stories is getting remade once again. In 1974 Ronald DeFeo Jr. shot his six family members in their beds whilst they were sleeping. Upon being questioned by the police he revealed that the devil had told him to commit the terrible murders. In 1975 the Lutz family moved into the house, but after 28 days fled claiming that they had been terrorized by the paranormal. What a great event for a horror film, and that is why so many films have since spawned from it. But the two which most people remember are the original in 1979, and the remake of it in 2005 which starred Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George. In my opinion, both were great.

Now Hollywood feel that it is time for another remake. Originally named The Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes – primarily using a found footage take on the story – and set for an early 2014 release, that has now changed. It is now being released in 2015 and the title has been cut down to just Amityville. Not much is known about the film at the moment, but due to the creators scraping their hand-held camera theme, it is apparent that they do not know what they want to do with it. It may just end up being another remake of the original. Only time will tell.

Estimated Release: 2nd January 2015


Dead Snow: Red vs Dead

Any fans of the zombie genre will most likely have seen the 2009 Norwegian horror ‘Dead Snow’. The film was centred around the legend that at the end of the second world war, on realising their impending doom, Nazis in Oksfjord, Norway looted the entire town; but were driven to the freezing mountains by villagers. Where they were believed to have perished. Unfortunately for 7 medical students staying in a remote cabin near the location, the Nazis never wanted to give up their treasure. So after the group find a box of valuables they think it is a time for celebration, that is until Nazi zombies begin to rise from the grave and attack the group. Although the film wasn’t spectacular, it was still very enjoyable and brought a different twist to the genre. It has since become a cult favourite, so fans should be excited to hear that there is a sequel on the way, ‘Dead Snow: Red vs Dead’.

The sequel is going to carry on from where the first film left off, with the sole survivor of the zombie horde’s attack. He will once again be battling against the undead in an attempt to survive, but this time he will be assisted by a zombie killing squad. Let’s hope it is just as bloody gory as the first. The trailer for Dead Snow: Red vs Dead is below.

Estimated Release: 14th February 2014


Rosemary’s Baby TV Show

These days Hollywood seems to all be about taking horror films and turning them into a television series. Recently there has been TV series’ made from: From Dusk ’till Dawn, Psycho (Bates Motel) and Silence of the Lambs (Hannibal). Now another is getting remade into a mini-series. The Roman Polanski directed 1968 classic horror Rosemary’s Baby; which once terrified audiences is being rebooted in the hope that it will terrify once again. At the helm of the pregnant protagonist, who is paranoid that a satanic cult is attacking her, is actress Zoe Saldana (Avatar/Star Trek/The Losers); she is taking over the role from Mia Farrow who portrayed Rosemary in the original. At the moment it seems as though – like with the From Dusk ’till Dawn series – it will just play out an extended version of the film.

Estimated Release: 2014


Empire of the Dead

Any true horror fan will know the name ‘George A. Romero’, he helped put zombie films on the mainstream map with his 1968 classic ‘Night of the Living Dead’, which spread fear through the hearts and minds of many generations afterwards. In 1978 he punched everything up a notch with ‘Dawn of the Dead’. Better dialogue, characters, effects and plot gave this film a secure place on every horror fans favourite film list. Romero rounded off his official trilogy with ‘Day of the Dead’ in 1985, which showed a band of scientists and soldiers attempt to understand and cure the infection; the ‘godfather of zombies’ claims this to be his favourite of the three.


Romero has since worked on other projects such as ‘Land of the Dead’ (2005), ‘Diary of the Dead’ (2007) and ‘Survival of the Dead’ (2009); none of which have matched up to his original ‘dead’ trilogy. Now we are wondering what the film-great has in store for us next, although another film is not clear at the moment, Romero is working on quite an exciting project.

He is teaming up with Marvel comics to create a 15-issue mini series centred around a zombie apocalypse, Romero is writing the comics and Alex Maleev is illustrating them. The series will not feature any actual Marvel characters, however what the story will feature is vampires. Romero explains that it is not only zombies trying to survive, but also vampires as well.

The great thing about doing a comic book rather than a film, is that if you have an idea in your head of what you want the scene/panel to look like then you can create it exactly, whereas on-screen it may slightly differ from what you wanted.

What the series is going to look at more – which ‘Day of the Dead’ touched upon – are the characteristics of each individual zombie. Each zombie had a different personality when they were alive, and still do now that they are dead. Those personalities are going to emerge through the zombies as the series goes on.

Maybe this series will finally solve the question of what would happen if a zombie bites a vampire… here’s hoping.

The Walking Dead Renewed for 5th Season

Ever since The Walking Dead was adapted on to the screen from graphic novels in 2010 it has been constantly gaining viewers with each season. So it has come as no surprise that the series has been renewed for a fifth season – before season 4 has even finished being broadcast.


The main reason for this is probably because The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television at the moment; due to its likeable and diverse characters who are portrayed by numerous great actors. The story lines have got better, the settings have got bigger and let’s face it the zombies are just incredible now. All this has amounted to a world now obsessed with the show, even those who aren’t fans of the comic books, or zombies in general.

According to ‘AMC’ – the channel which broadcasts the show – it is the most popular television show for viewers aged 18-49, and, as Charlie Collier the AMC President said, it “broke viewer-ship records for the series and become the biggest non-sports telecast in cable history.”

Reading of this news has excited me, and I think that I can speak for all the fans out there when I say…please renew it for a sixth season.

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