The Enjoyment Of A YouTuber

Technology has never been my strong suit, and when it comes to the internet; I am probably the least internet-savvy person out of my friends. The point I am trying to get across is that I am still finding out new things about the world-wide-web, which many other people have known for a couple of years. One of which is YouTubers.

I have only recently realised that you could make a living out of it, and, I know a lot of people probably say the same, but the first YouTuber I saw was Pewdiepie (Felix Kjellberg). The world-famous Swedish internet personality has gained fame because of his warming welcome and hilarious personality. However what it was about him which first got me watching was his attitude towards horror games. Although he jumps at the slightest things, he has not let that stop him playing through games which would make Schwarzenegger crawl in to a ball.


The way he acts does remind me a lot of myself as I am the worst for jump scares, literally a penny could drop and I’ll jump for the ceiling (it’s weird that I love horror right). Even horror games which aren’t made to have that scary of an atmosphere. I can’t remember the number of times I’ve been creeping around a corner on Left 4 Dead and have laid several bricks due to a Hunter pouncing on my face; the instant reaction is: jumping, screaming and then yelling “Zoe get off your bloody arse and kill some zombies.”

Through Pewdiepie I have found out about new and exciting horror games, whether he’s playing through the incredible game series’ such as: Amnesia: The Dark Descent, The Walking Dead, Outlast and Lucious, which offer scares but also great character development. Or if he’s playing short indie games such as: Slender, Erie, 7 Days and I See You, whose sole purpose is to make you turn from a man into a mouse in a matter of seconds. They are all enjoyable to watch, mainly because I think most of his viewers see themselves in his place; it feels as though you are playing the game too, but you have the relaxation of realising that you’re not.

I think that feeling of experiencing a game together, makes him seem closer to his fans. It is an overwhelming feeling when both you and ‘Pewds’ jump out of your skin at the same time, and what adds more to it is the laughter which is created after you see his over-the-top reactions.

Whatever the future holds for Pewdiepie, if he keeps making them…then I’ll keep watching them.

Favourite Pewdiepie indie horror games:


Pesadelo O Inicio

im scared

One Late Night

SCP: Containment Breach